Peer Academic Advisors, or “PAAs”, are students that have been broadly trained in numerous areas of academic life here at Rice and serve as liaisons between students, faculty advisors, and the Office of Academic Advising. Generally speaking, college PAA teams coordinate numerous group and individual activities that attempt to strengthen the academic vitality at their respective residential colleges. They offer accurate advice regarding:

Even if a particular PAA cannot answer each and every detailed question, as fellow students, they can serve as familiar and approachable contacts who can point students in the right direction of the proper resources. In this way, interactions between academics, learning, and especially advising are ongoing dynamic conversations which involve multiple perspectives, not just a prescription for registration.

Below are the list of Lovett College's PAAs with their contact information, so don't hesitate to ask any of them if you need help with your academic plans!

Name Major(s) Year Email
Marcela Benavides Political Science, Latin American Studies 2017 mb55
Daniela Cleary Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2017 dc28
Kenan Davis Mathematical Economic Analysis 2018 krd5
Madeline Flores Medicine and Health in Society, Pre-Med 2016 mef4
Elizabeth Garcia Psychology 2016 eag5
Myrna Garza Economics, Spanish & Portuguese 2016 mag13
Brett Gutstein Computer Science, Mathematics 2017 bfg2
Lawrence Harari Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2018 ljh3
Matthew Hernandez Mechanical Engineering 2016 mlh2
Sarah Hernandez Mechanical Engineering 2016 srh3
Nicholos Joseph Chemistry, Pre-Med 2018 npj3
Manasi Joshi Anthropology, Cognitive Science 2018 mj28
Michelle Lee Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Business Minor, Pre-Med 2016 mel6
Woojin Lee Chemistry, Biochemistry Minor, Pre-Med 2016 wl30
Zhifan Li Computer Science, Psychology 2016 zl20
Samantha Love Sociology, Poverty Justice and Human Capabilities Minor, Pre-Law 2016 spl4
Demetrie Luke Philosophy 2017 djl8
Divya Naik Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Pre-Med 2016 dhn1
Brandi Ransom Undecided 2018 bnr2
Midori Rinkliff Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2017 mer6
Rishi Suresh Cognitive Sciences, Policy Studies, Pre-Med 2017 rs49
Tyler Taldone Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics 2016 tnt1
Griffin Thomas Political Science, Policy Studies, Pre-Law 2017 gft2