Buying Stuff with Lovett's Money 101: A Handy Flowchart

Got an idea to spend Lovett's money?

The purchase is more than $100 OR not from your committee's budget (e.g., Student Initiatives fund)

The purchase is less than $100 and from your committee's budget

Rice gives Lovett College a budget every year based on how many students we have. We spend this budget every year on events like Associates’ Night and Beer Bike as well as purchasing new items for the college. The budget is managed by two students, a senior treasurer (Zac Ambrose) and junior treasurer (Sam Griffin).

No money request necessary!

Central Committee must most vote to approve your request. Note: Student Initiatives money requests are tabled for a week before a vote for approval, unless the purchase is time-sensitive.

Once you are set to make your purchase, request a P-Card at least one day in advance! (Reimbursements of your own money are an absolute last resort)

After your purchase, report your spending ASAP!! Make sure to ask for and take a picture of the line item receipt for EVERY purchase!

Congratulations! You've successfully spent Lovett's money!