Central Committee

Lovett Central Committee in session
Lovett Central Committee in session

According to Lovett legend, the first Lovetteers formed a government known as the Central Committee (CC) as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Soviet Union. To form a more perfect union, our predecessors voted to disband the first CC meeting and spend the entire first year’s budget on beer. Fortunately (or unfortunately), we do not currently follow their example. Now, CC is headed by the Executive Committee (President, CJ, IVP, EVP, Secretaries, and Treasurers) and manages a sizable budget and large group of representatives and committees. Most of what is done at Lovett is student-run.

CC meets every Tuesday at 9:30pm in Lower Commons. Everyone is invited to make comments or announcements, enjoy free food (purchased weekly by various CC voting members), and engage in Lovett democracy!

Structure of Lovett's Central Committee
Structure of Lovett's Central Committee


Mehek Jain


Ayush Suresh & Arturo Amarilla

Secretaries (Secs)

Anish Attarde & Zac Ambrose


Connor Morris

Chief Justice (CJ)

Chairperson of Central Committee. Primary liaison between Lovett students, the OWL team, and university administration. Oversees all of Lovett’s operations and affairs.

Email: mj45@rice.edu

Oversees all internal affairs of the college and advises all appointed committees. Conducts housing and parking jacks and responsibly manages Lovett elections.

Email: adk7@rice.edu

Oversees all external affairs of the college and advises all elected committees. Manages all Lovett public spaces and communications with housing and dining staff.

Email: drs8@rice.edu

Oversee all communications to the college, including the Lovett listserv, CC minutes, weekly announcements, and public posting spaces. Maintain and improve the Lovett website.

Emails: as328@rice.edu, aa205@rice.edu

Manage the Lovett budget and all expenditures for the college. Maintain the college’s financial records.

Emails: asa19@rice.edu, zaa4@rice.edu

Chairperson of Lovett College Court and liaison for Student Judicial Programs. Works to maintain SJP, Rice, and Lovett community standards regarding safety and alcohol policies.

Email: cpm7@rice.edu

David Shaw

External Vice President (EVP)

Andrew Kim

Internal Vice President (IVP)

Send announcements to: ustudents-l@mailman.rice.edu


Lovett Props Committee
Lovett Props Committee

Sejal Gupta, Natalia Mendiola, & Abby Proctor


Audrey Arroyave, Ariel Ma,

& Rohan Pillai

Associates (Ass)

Rita Ajit, Julie Trinh, & Fernanda Valle


Sadie Siegel & Alexa Scott

Members-at-Large (M@Ls)

Hiya Dattani & Dylan Wall

New Student Representatives (NSRs)

Andy Bough & Aanya Noorani

OC Reps

Erica Takang, Neha Kohli, Arman Saxena


Siddhant Patil, Anne Wang, & Amelia Tsai

Properties (Props)

Jessica Hao, Alina Nguyen, & Alexa Vela


Plans and organizes all minor Lovett-sponsored social events to promote student connection to residential college culture, including Mr. Lovett, Lovett Skates, and finals-period study breaks.

Coordinates Lovett's Associates program, including semesterly Associates Nights, the Lovett Associates Buddy (LAB) program, and skill-based classes taught by Associates to foster relationships between Lovett students and Associates.

Oversees the Lovett Diversity Council and all cultural activities for the college to create a welcome home away from home for Lovetteers of varying cultural backgrounds.

Represent all Lovetteers by gathering their opinions and feedback to present to Central Committee. Also serve as comedic relief.

The voice of all new Lovett students on Central Committee. Organize social events throughout the year for new students.

Represent all Lovett off-campus students. Organize events for off-campus and on-campus student integration and provide assistance in the off-campus moving process.

Oversees service hours and volunteer opportunities both on and off campus for Lovetteers. Coordinate events to show appreciation for H&D and other Rice staff.

Manages and maintains the non-facility capital inventory of Lovett. Advises the renovation of Lovett public spaces.

Plans and executes all major Lovett-sponsored social events, including a fall Music Festival public, Casino Night, and EOL Day.


Josefina Serrate

U-Court Rep

Caroline Snider

Honor Council Rep

Christopher Rodriguez


Siddarth Vuskamalla and Bruce Hurley


Surina Kishnachandani

SA Senator

Represents Lovett on the Rice University Court, the judicial authority of the university's Student Association.

Represents Lovett on the Rice Honor Council, the undergraduate student organization responsible for adjudicating matters relating to Rice's academic integrity standards. Ensures students stay updated on the Honor Code.

Represents Lovett on Rice Program Council, the university's campus-wide social event-planning organization. Promotes RPC events to Lovett and answers all RPC-related questions.

Serve on Rice's Student Association with the College President and SA Senator to pursue ideas to improve Rice's campus and community.

Represents Lovett along with the College President at Rice's Student Association and keeps the college informed on weekly Senate proceedings.


Laundry Rep

Haydn Howe

O-Week Coordinators

Tyzic Piña, Rathna Ramesh, Max Rentaria

Public Space Coordinator (PUSC)

Fernando Tamames

Senior Committee


Plans the most anticipated and beloved Rice tradition of the year for Lovett. Coordinates sponsors and activities for the week-long celebration leading up to Beer Bike, as well as the race itself.

Maintains the best chalkboard on campus! Puts up new themes and a monthly list of birthdays and works with committees that want to put a design on the chalkboard.

Plans the semesterly College Nights for Lovett, a university-wide tradition. Coordinates the theme, sponsors, and creative events for the week leading up to and on College Night.

Plans fun, inclusive events to help Lovetteers relax on a few Fridays throughout the year. This Lovett tradition takes place in the quad and usually includes drinks, snacks, games, and music.

Act as liaisons between Lovett and Seibel Servery. Conduct surveys about the satisfaction and quality of food being provided to present to the chefs.

Take pictures of Lovetteers at special events and upload them to the Lovett Instagram and Lovett Historian Facebook pages.

Maintain and implement upgrades to the Lovett Kitchen.

Ensures machines are in working order, tidies up the laundry room, and finds ways to make doing laundry at Lovett as painless as possible.

Designs, orders, and distributes Lovett merchandise, whether for the college in general or for specific events. Past merchandise has included t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, hats, and much more!

Plan and implement all operations preparing for and during O-Week at Lovett.

Oversees the maintenance and upkeep of Lovett public spaces. Works closely with the EVP to implement large scale space improvements and acts as a helpful resource for use of Lovett's public facilities.

Plan senior week events for Lovett and represent the Lovett senior class on the campus-wide senior committee. Coordinate events and fundraisers throughout the year leading up to senior week.

Coordinate all intramural and college sports for Lovett. Deal with the dreaded IMLeagues website, meet with campus-wide Sports Coordinators about rule/policy changes, and most importantly, lead the quest for the P-Cup!

Seibel Servery
Seibel Servery
Lovett Sports Reps
Lovett Sports Reps
Lovett Merch
Lovett Merch
Lovett's massive chalkboard
Lovett's massive chalkboard
Student in class after College Night
Student in class after College Night
A Fun Friday at Lovett College
A Fun Friday at Lovett College
Lovett Kitchen
Lovett Kitchen
Lovett's Laundry Room
Lovett's Laundry Room
Lovetteers take a selfie during Beer Bike
Lovetteers take a selfie during Beer Bike
Lovett Senior Committee
Lovett Senior Committee

Advises Central Committee and the college on the Constitution, By-Laws, and parliamentary procedures. Maintains and oversees amendments to the Constitution.


David Rauch

Lovett's Beer Bike team
Lovett's Beer Bike team


Claire Dean

Student Maintenance Rep (SMR)

Amy Lam & Sophia Figueroa


Andrew Negrut

OIT Ambassador

Lofts beds and oversees the summer storage program. Ensures everything is well-maintained at Lovett.

Makes sure Lovett is green by spreading their environmentally friendly ways throughout the college!

Fixes and refills the computer lab printer with paper. And offers tech support against hackers from other colleges!

Lovett OIT Ambassador
Lovett OIT Ambassador


Associate Justices (AJs)

Alexa Scott, Carson Hamilton, Ethan Kelly, Fernanda Valle, Jack Tomkiewicz, Lucia Fernandez, Renee Sanders, & Sejal Gupta,

Act as resources for Lovetteers when they are in need and participate as members of the Lovett Court.

Chief Justice (CJ)

Connor Morris

Chairperson of Lovett College Court and liaison for Student Judicial Programs. Works to maintain SJP, Rice, and Lovett community standards regarding safety and alcohol policies.