NintendO-Week 2024

Letter from the Coords

Lots of Love(tt),
Brian Bishara, Anne Wang, and Eliana Yared


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Congrats New Lovetteer,

We are so excited to welcome you to the Lovett and Rice community! We are your Nintendo-Week Coordinators: Brian Bishara, Anne Wang, and Eliana Yared. Some of you may be wondering what all the hype is around Lovett and other residential colleges. This arbitrary assignment to what is little more than a dorm may seem insignificant, but we promise it means so much more and will have a larger impact than you realize. Whether it be making sushi with Sensei, chats with Sharon in the mail room, the bustling of foosball and movies in Commons, or the amazing people that make up Lovett and Rice, we hope that you may call Lovett College home.

Mission Statement

When New Students first matriculate through the Sallyport and begin their epic quest at Rice, NintendO-Week at Lovett College will serve as an empowering tutorial, providing them with the knowledge, experiences, and friendships to succeed on the first level and beyond. While everyone’s journey to success is different, we strive to craft a unique, personalized path for each New Student, which embraces their personal perks, abilities, and identities. NintendO-Week as well as the broader Lovett community will give them all the resources they need to power up and beat the final boss.
We are excited to welcome New Students into the rich Lovett culture, demonstrating that Lovett will be their hub as they switch to college life. Their advisors and peers will always be a source of support and a wiki for the vast resources available to them at Rice. And, we hope that new students can join forces to sweep Rice off its feet as they bring their passions into high resolution.
We hope that New Students will leave NintendO-Week comfortable and confident in exploring new worlds and unlocking new skills, knowing that Lovett College will forever be cheering them on from the sidelines.
Team BAE,

Logging Out

Group picture of Lovett New Students and Advisors during O-Week
Group picture of Lovett New Students and Advisors during O-Week
Lovetteers race Will Ricers during Tea Trike
Lovetteers race Will Ricers during Tea Trike